Landscape Management:

Fieldstone creates comprehensive long term plans for your property to ensure that your location is aesthetically pleasing for you and anyone who visits your property. We have professionals who will be dedicated to making sure your landscape is exactly what you want and need at all times. In addition, everyone who works on your property has been trained in keeping your landscape plan Florida friendly to accommodate our wonderful and unique weather.

Landscape Design Build:

Fieldstone takes pride in creating landscape designs that are unique to your property. A plan will be designed through collaboration between you and our staff to determine the best, most appealing and price conscious layout. We pay close attention to details that will make your landscape pop. We strive to create vibrant landscapes that will continue to make your property look great as the years go by.


Water is the most important part of keeping your new landscape looking great. Fieldstone will evaluate your current irrigation system and determine the best way to repair or improve the way your plants receive water. Our staff is trained in house to retrofit your current irrigation system to best fit your needs while conserving as much water as possible. Your landscape plan will also be Florida weather friendly to accommodate the heat.

Arbor Care:

Thorough care of the trees on your property will help the overall look of your landscape. Our professionals will help you determine the best tree care plan to keep your plants looking great while remaining healthy. A long term plan can be created for your property, or we can treat each tree on a project-to-project basis.

Our services include:

  • Tree preservation
  • Pruning
  • Regular maintenance
  • Removal

We understand that improper pruning can result in unhealthy trees and therefore take pride in making sure each tree is handled correctly and carefully.


To keep your property aesthetically pleasing, we can enhance your landscape in many ways. In addition to looking beautiful, these enhancements can also raise your property value and make your property much more inviting. Some enhancements that are commonly requested by our customers include:

  • Arbor care including tree installation
  • Color management, ensuring the most color is visible year round
  • Plant installation and management
  • Mulch and sod installation
  • These are just a few examples of the many things we can do to make your landscape pop!
  • Anything that we install or maintain will be given a plan to keep it healthy and vibrant year round, even in our wonderful Florida weather.

Our staff will create a proposal that outlines the options we think are best to install on your property while collaborating with you to determine how to best achieve your landscaping goals. Once the plants are installed, a full plan will be put in place to ensure success and health for each of them.

Our Family:

Here at Fieldstone, we are a group of people who share a common goal: we want the best for our customers. That means that we do our best every day to work together to ensure that we are efficiently achieving the goals of our business and those of our clients. We strive to be the best in the Tampa Bay area, both in our landscaping and customer service. If you ever have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to give us a call!