Mulch & Rock Installation

in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, & the Greater Tampa Bay, Florida Area

Mulch & Rock Installation Service in Tampa, FL & Surrounding Areas Like Clearwater & St. Petersburg

You can choose from our various mulch and rock options to satisfy your aesthetic preferences.

Do you want to boost the curb appeal of your landscape beds while keeping your plants healthy? If so, look no further than our mulch and rock installation service! Our team at Fieldstone Landscape Services will exercise precision and thoroughness when installing your ground cover to ensure we do it right the first time. We also offer various mulch and rock options, and you can choose which satisfies your aesthetic preferences.

We offer our mulch and rock installation service as part of a larger landscape project, which is available to residential property owners in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, FL, and throughout the surrounding areas.

Our Mulch & Rock Installation Process

We strive for excellence with everything we offer, including our mulch and rock installation service. So, we follow a precise, thorough installation process to ensure the ground cover looks great and your plants reap all the intended benefits. Our process is as follows:

We’ll remove debris and leaves from your landscape beds to clear them of any obstructions.
Then, we’ll smooth out the soil so that it’s flat.
Next, we’ll install the mulch or rock by hand to accurately maintain 2-3 inches in thickness; anything less won’t give your plants all the benefits, while anything more will suffocate them.
After installation, we’ll spread the mulch or rock to cover your entire landscape beds evenly.

We can replenish your mulch once a year and provide as-needed spot treatments so that your plants continue to receive the intended health benefits.

What types of mulch and rock do we offer?

Gloved professional adding mulch to landscape bed in Tampa, FL.

While mulch and rock ground coverings provide numerous health benefits for your plants, they also boost the curb appeal of your landscape beds! We offer several mulch and rock options you can choose from to accommodate your preferences and the overall aesthetic of your landscape. Our mulches are available in different colors and types, but our most popular ones include:

  • Cypress Mulch
  • Pine Bark Mulch

Meanwhile, here are some of our rock options:

  • River Rock
  • Lava Rock
  • Crushed Shell
  • Crushed Granite

We Offer Our Mulch & Rock Installation Service as Part of a Larger Landscape Project

At Fieldstone Landscape Services, we are a big-picture company and don’t provide one-stop-shop services for our residential customers; on the contrary, we want to satisfy all your landscaping needs for your property at once! Because of this, we offer our mulch and rock installation service as part of a larger landscape project, such as:

Landscape Renovations: We can install new landscape beds or renovate your existing ones, then add beautiful plants and a rock or mulch ground covering!

Hardscape Installations: We can install a patio, retaining wall, or another hardscape for your outdoor living space, then add softscape elements and even a raised planter bed complete with mulch or rock!

Take your landscape to the next level by scheduling our mulch and rock installation service!

Whether you want to install mulch or rock in your landscape – we can do either to take it to the next level! We’ve been providing our top-notch services for 15 years, so you can trust that our experts will exceed your expectations every time.

We offer our mulch and rock installation service to residential property owners in Tampa, FL, and other nearby areas, including Clearwater and St. Petersburg. Call us at (727) 822-7866 to schedule and boast the most beautiful landscape on the block!

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