Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Is a Design-Build Project Right for Your Yard?

Find out how your residential project could benefit from using a simplified approach by a company that does it all. You are finally looking to renovate your yard and turn it into the staycation of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to entertain with a new patio and landscape lighting, or take it easy and replace your lawn with artificial turf, it helps to use a design-build process and a firm that cohesively aligns with your goals.

What is Design-Build Landscaping?

Instead of using older methods like hiring an architect and a general contractor separately, the design-build model of landscaping has both of these services under one roof. A design-build model ensures that from concept to installation, your vision is appealing AND functional. Having everyone on one team provides numerous benefits for you as the homeowner.

Why Design-Build?

1. you want to follow a timeline

When using separate designers and contractors, disagreement can arise on how your project should be done. When you move to a design-build process, everyone is on your team. As a result, by having a unified team like Fieldstone behind you, miscommunications are less likely to happen. Accountability is united and transparent throughout your entire project.

2. You want to follow a budget

The cost can get overcomplicated when using other methods of completing your dream yard. With design-build, you can get your entire project estimated from the very beginning, so you can stick to your budget. With one contract, you won’t be waiting around for unexpected formal change orders and the additional costs that could add to your renovation. Overall, your process flows smoothly.

3. You want specialized, functional results

The integration between design and construction means that your project has exclusive access to technical expertise and long-standing industry relationships. Design-build companies have the access and familiarity with the best building supplies and plants. Looking for that special flowering annual that would look perfect around your doorway or have an interest in installing solar technology in your backyard entertainment area? You have the knowledge to get the results you want when you select a design-build business like Fieldstone.

Why Fieldstone?

Fieldstone Landscape Services is Tampa Bay’s premier choice for residential design-build services. We are armed with an eye for trend-setting designs, skilled with an expert portfolio of small to large-scale landscaping services over the years, and dedicated to providing the culture of putting our clients first. Above all, we are confident that Fieldstone is your best option to bring your outdoor vision to life, from start to finish.

Are you interested in transforming your outdoor space into a personalized slice of paradise? Contact us today. Let’s get started!

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