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How Do I Choose Between a Gas-Burning or Wood-Burning Fire Pit?

Adding a fire pit to your outdoor setup will enhance your home and keep you warm during the chillier months in Florida. After you decide to build a fire pit, you will have to determine whether a wood-burning fire pit or a gas-burning fire pit is the right fit for you. Wood-burning fire pits are a bit more budget-friendly. They require fewer materials to install and will give you that natural campfire feel, but they also require more maintenance and cleanup when starting and finishing your fires. Gas-burning fire pits are best if you have a flexible budget. They have fewer maintenance requirements, and you can start a fire with the press of a button. The type of fire pit you choose will ultimately come down to your personal preference.

Consider Your Budget for Your Fire Pit Project

Fire pit over an area with turf in Tampa, FL.

When deciding between a gas-burning or wood-burning fire pit, it is important to determine which one works best with your budget. If you are on a tighter budget, you may want to opt for a wood-burning fire pit. Wood-burning fire pits are more cost-effective because of their easy installation process. They require fewer materials to install, and they may be even more budget-friendly if you already have your own wood to start the fires.

Gas-burning fire pits are a great option if you have a more flexible budget for your project. Gas-burning fire pits require a gas line to be run, which tends to increase the cost. However, if you already have a gas line at your home, there is no need to worry about running a new one.

Maintenance & Upkeep: Gas-Burning vs. Wood-Burning

Both types of fire pits require different levels of maintenance and upkeep. Wood-burning fire pits require more maintenance because burning wood causes soot and ashes. After each use, you will have to clean up the wood, ashes, and soot. If cleanup and maintenance are not a problem for you, perhaps you want to consider a wood-burning fire pit.

Gas-burning fire pits require little maintenance and upkeep because they can be turned on and off with the press of a button. There will be no wood, ashes, or soot to clean up when you are finished. You can just start your fire and enjoy!

Always ensure the fire is completely out before walking away from a wood-burning fire pit!

Building the Fire: Do you prefer an experience or convenience?

The process of creating the fire varies between the two types of fire pits. Many people enjoy the experience of building a fire. They like to gather the wood, set up the kindling, and light the fire themselves. If this sounds like something you enjoy, a wood-burning fire pit is the best fit.

On the other hand, starting a fire is super convenient with a gas-burning fire pit. Because gas-burning fire pits can be started with the press of a button, there is no setup or additional materials required like there is for a wood-burning pit. Gas-burning fire pits are convenient to use if gathering wood and building the fire is not your style.

Wood-burning fire pits create the ambiance of a cozy campfire.

Do you love the scent and sound of a campfire? If so, go with a wood-burning fire pit. Using real wood will give you the smoke and smell of a traditional fire. You’ll be able to relax as you listen to the soothing sounds of crackling wood.

If this aspect of a fire pit is not as important to you, a gas-burning fire pit may be the better choice. Gas-burning fire pits do not have the smell or smoke of a wood-burning fire pit. So, if you’d rather not deal with the smoke that comes from burning wood, you’ll want to consider a gas-burning fire pit.

We install both wood-burning and gas-burning fire pits. Call us today!

Your personal preference will ultimately decide whether you choose a wood-burning or gas-burning fire pit. We want to help you make a choice that best suits your needs. We offer pre-built designs and custom designs based on your preference.

We provide our services in Tampa, FL, and nearby areas like Clearwater and St. Petersburg. Call us at (727) 822-7866 to get started with your fire pit project today!

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