Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Florida Fertilizer Bans

Waterways in the Tampa Bay area have been adversely impacted from excessive nutrients.

As a protective measure, during Florida’s rainy season, specific fertilizers are banned or restricted in the city of Tampa, Pinellas County, and neighboring counties.

Here are the facts.

Fertilizers that contain phosphorus and/or nitrogen are banned from use from June 1st through September 30th in many Florida locations to prevent nutrient pollution in local waterbodies.

Our environmental impact.

Summertime in Florida is characterized by frequent, heavy rainfall. This heavy rain washes the fertilizer away, right into our local waterways and into the ocean. Fertilizer pollution causes algae blooms and harms marine life.

Leading lawn care efforts in the Tampa Bay area, we recognize our responsibility to care for our environment and do our part to adhere to these ordinances. During the summer months, we use liquid micronutrients that are friendlier to our environment, while not compromising on keeping our customer’s lawns bright and green, and their ornamentals at their healthiest. We take extra care to use recommended measurements for our fertilizing services and to always avoid contaminating impervious surfaces like sidewalks and roadways with chemicals that could easily become runoff.

In Pinellas County, retail sales of fertilizers that contain phosphorus or nitrogen are banned during this black out period. However, in other neighboring counties, it’s important to do your part by doing some eco-friendly shopping. Look for fertilizer bags where the first two numbers are 0-0. These fertilizers won’t contain phosphorus or nitrogen, and you can have peace of mind while taking care of your outdoor plant life.

At Fieldstone Landscape Services, our experts stay up-to-date on education from the UF|IFAS Florida-Friendly Landscaping program. Their principles help protect our water and our wildlife, keeping the outdoors beautiful for you to enjoy.

Why Fieldstone?

Fieldstone Landscape Services is Tampa Bay’s premier choice for commercial and residential landscaping. We aim to keep our clients and customers in the know with the latest lawn care and landscaping facts, news, and trends. Fieldstone has a culture of positive growth, and we encourage those who work with us to Grow With Us. Above all, we are confident that Fieldstone is your best option to bring your sustainable outdoor vision to life, from start to finish.

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