Introducing Our New COO, Eddy Lyons!

“I think the greatest passion I have is that I love watching people become inspired, to really realize their potential, and to realize what they’re capable of.”

 With the start of the new year, Fieldstone had the pleasure of welcoming Edward Lyons to the Fieldstone Leadership Team as Chief Operating Officer. Our mission at Fieldstone Landscape Services is to cultivate growth- for our team, our customers, and our community. Eddy’s approach to leadership is eye-opening and faith focused, which fell into perfect alignment with the way we aim to operate.

Eddy began his career working as a teacher in a psychiatric center, helping those that were struggling with mental health issues. Taking lessons learned in compassion and leadership, he went on to work in development of ropes courses and canopy zip-lining experiences- an amazing opportunity for team building for businesses. He began his own consulting services, improving processes and leadership for these firms, first through these experiential learning environments, and then within their own doors; as he provided consulting on leadership and process engineering on the corporate side.

After the recession, Eddy spent the next ten years working in the insurance industry, being deployed to help those in need following hurricanes and other natural disasters. Helping others has shaped his life trajectory; and later, this focus moved him to leadership and strategic roles in the restoration industry and in property management.

Connected by their Christian faith, their industries, and devotion to Jesus, Eddy began a new journey with Fieldstone’s Owner and President, Chris Eastman. Eddy describes this recent and unexpected shift into the landscaping industry as fulfilling a much higher purpose. Chris’ passion for growing people and how that influences Fieldstone as a whole, inspired Eddy to show up; as not only Fieldstone’s new COO, but as servant-leader to the company.

Really pouring into people and helping them them reach their true capacity, for their growth is where this deep alignment comes into focus while we welcome Eddy to lead the Fieldstone Family.  Eddy defines ‘good growth’ as the balance of having a successful business with successful people. Caring for others on a personal and meaningful level is what brings true success to this company.

The relationships we cultivate with our clients is authentic throughout our projects because it is authentic within. Going into 2022, Eddy encourages the Fieldstone team to show up as their best selves, each day, while remaining cognizant that their best is ever-changing from day to day.

At Fieldstone, we put our hearts into creating an environment where our team and clients feel satisfaction in the time and work that they contribute. Since 2007, Fieldstone was built locally, here in the Tampa Bay Area, and has grown to offer full-service residential and commercial landscaping.

by Ciara Howley