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We offer lawn and landscaping services to homes and businesses in Clearwater, FL.

Our crew has been delivering exceptional results since 2007!

Clearwater, FL is a city in Pinellas County that is home to more than 115,000 people. The most famous attraction in this city is Clearwater Beach. This beautiful beach features white sand and clear blue water and is the perfect place to spend a day in the sun. The strip along the beach features a ton of high-quality restaurants and entertainment options, making it a great place to visit for residents and tourists alike.

The residents of Clearwater truly know how special this city is, and we’re glad to be one of them! At Fieldstone Landscape Services, we are dedicated to providing the best lawn and landscaping services for homes and businesses here. We have been delivering exceptional results since 2007, and you can trust us for all of your lawn and landscaping needs.

Take Your Lawn & Landscape to the Next Level With These Care & Maintenance Services

Fieldstone professional applying fertilizer to lawn in Clearwater, FL.

Your lawn’s health is reliant on the nutrients it receives. If you want to ensure your grass in Clearwater, FL is always in tip-top health, take advantage of our lawn care services! We offer lawn fertilization and weed control treatments that will nourish your lawn while protecting it from common nutrient-stealing weeds such as dollarweed, clover, and torpedograss. Our crew also carries treatments to eliminate lawn diseases and insects that can wreak havoc on your grass.

If you own a business in Clearwater, we can help maintain your landscape’s manicured appearance. With our lawn mowing, trimming and pruning, and yard cleanups, you can rest assured your commercial property will look nothing short of stunning!

Is your commercial or residential property filled with unkempt vegetation? Take advantage of our bush hogging service!

Our landscape services will transform the appearance of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor kitchen with grill and countertops installed in Clearwater, FL.
Are you looking to transform your outdoor living space in Clearwater, FL? You’ve come to the right place! Our team offers landscaping services to help make your property stand out. We are equipped with the skills and experience to install hardscapes and softscapes that will become a focal point of your outdoor living space. Check out all the landscaping services we offer:

We provide tree services such as tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, and more.

Do you want to eliminate the trees on your property? We can ensure they are safely removed with our tree removal and stump grinding services. We can also give your trees everything they need to thrive with our tree care services, which include fertilization and disease and insect control treatments!

Keep your irrigation system in prime working condition to ensure your plants stay hydrated.

Your plants need water to flourish, and they get that from the water provided by your irrigation system. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your irrigation system is in prime working condition, so your plants will never go unwatered. At Fieldstone Landscape Services, we offer an irrigation system installation service to homes and businesses, while our irrigation system maintenance and repair services are available to businesses in Clearwater.

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At Fieldstone Landscape Services, we offer professional lawn and landscaping services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Clearwater, FL. You can rest assured we will always follow the industry standards and deliver you your desired results. If you’re ready to take your property to the next level, call us today at (727) 822-7866 to schedule any of our lawn and landscaping services.

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